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Welcome to Magnetic Mindset, the home of Mind Harmony® – Possibly the most straightforward and sustainable mental resilience programme there is. 

My name is Michelle Phillips and I’m a Mental Resilience Trainer.

What does that mean?  

It means that I can teach you, your leadership team, HR department and staff how to manage and promote long-term mental resilience and wellbeing in your workplace.

Why is that important?  

Because good mental health is an ongoing process that every company should invest in.  Also, good mental health equals happier staff and happier staff equals greater productivity.

How can I help you?

No employer likes to think (or be told) that their work environment is stressful, mentally draining or, worse still, toxic.  Even when workplaces are NOT stressful, draining or toxic, employees may be suffering from issues regarding mental resilience (especially post-COVID), self confidence and general happiness. I can work with your company to gauge the mental health of your employees, then give you and your team the skills and tools you need to make long-lasting positive change or build on an already happy working environment because it’s good practice to care for your employees and their mental wellbeing.

If you are not in-tune with your staff – or fail to notice toxic relationships and poor mental health – how can you expect them to be happy, productive or loyal?   Equally, even if you have staff best interests at heart, how do you know what’s working and what isn’t? 

If you’d like to show your employees you care about their wellbeing, help them manage everyday stress, enhance productivity and maximise resilience through an easy-to-follow programme that really works, please get in touch

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