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Welcome to Magnetic Mindset, the home of Mind Harmony® – I believe, the simplest route to happiness.

My name is Michelle Phillips and I’m a happiness coach.

What does that mean?  

It means I can teach you to manage and promote long-term mental resilience and wellbeing habits that will make you feel happier and more positive giving you the confidence to live a more harmonious life.

Why is that important?  

Because good mental health is an ongoing process that everyone should invest in.  Also, good mental health equals’ happier you and happier relationships and a great life!  It puts things in perspective, brings balance to your life and leaves you feeling serene.

How can I help you?

Do you feel helpless, lost, stuck?  Has the Covid pandemic and lockdown left you feeling like a caged animal?  Do you feel like you’ve lost control of your life and you’re just drifting?  Do you feel like you need a life raft or a road map to take back control?  Do you feel like you’re not in tune with your mind and body?

Then working with me will help you take back control of you, your relationships and your life.  If you’d like to manage everyday stress, enhance your productivity and maximise your resilience through an easy-to-follow programme that really works, please get in touch


Outdoor Half Day Workshops bringing nature into your life – New dates coming soon.

Monthly 2 hour Group sessions £30 per person per session – New dates coming soon

All Mind Harmony® Monthly Sessions come with access to advice and support via a private WhatsApp group membership.

More information about Mind Harmony® for Businesses can be found here


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