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Welcome to Magnetic Mindset, the home of Mind Harmony® – I believe, the simplest route to happiness.

My name is Michelle Phillips and I’m a happiness coach.

What does that mean?  

It means I can teach you to manage and promote long-term mental resilience and wellbeing habits that will make you feel happier and more positive giving you the confidence to live a more harmonious life.

Why is that important?  

Because good mental health is an ongoing process that everyone should invest in.  Also, good mental health equals’ happier you and happier relationships and a great life!  It puts things in perspective, brings balance to your life and leaves you feeling serene.

How can I help you?

Do you feel helpless, lost, stuck?  Has the Covid pandemic and lockdown left you feeling like a caged animal?  Do you feel like you’ve lost control of your life and you’re just drifting?  Do you feel like you need a life raft or a road map to take back control?  Do you feel like you’re not in tune with your mind and body?

Then working with me will help you take back control of you, your relationships and your life.  If you’d like to manage everyday stress, enhance your productivity and maximise your resilience through an easy-to-follow programme that really works, please get in touch


Outdoor Half Day Workshops bringing nature into your life – New dates coming soon.

Monthly 2 hour Group sessions £30 per person per session – New dates coming soon

All Mind Harmony® Monthly Sessions come with access to advice and support via a private WhatsApp group membership.

More information about Mind Harmony® for Businesses can be found here


Mind Harmony has given me the time to reflect and re-enforce techniques for a healthy mindset.

The discussions with Michelle has allowed me to see things from a different perspective and have a different mindset in certain situations in my life.
Psychology of the mind interests me and it has been good to work through ideas with the group and meet like-minded people.
Michelle has a wide knowledge of mindset thinking and has the right personality to direct it in session. I find the format of the sessions good especially as it makes you focus on gratitude, self praise, goals etc. I try to apply it every day in my routine.
Ms S B

What I really enjoyed about my Mind Harmony session, was that it generated a feeling of positivity.

I left in a much better mindset than I’d arrived in – and I wasn’t even in a negative mood when I arrived! Because, in booking a class, I immediately felt better knowing I’d leave the daily grind behind – and who doesn’t want that? Michelle had done her research in bringing together a wide variety of accepted psychology tools, techniques, and theories. Her genius was in creating the flow of bite-size activities, that were easy to do but made me think – in a good way. It was comforting yet fun… and calming yet energising! I guess that’s why it’s called ‘Mind Harmony’!
Ms S

After speaking to Michelle on Facebook she said let’s try a One to One Session, so I plucked up courage and agreed to a 90 min session.
My worst fear was now coming to light, I had to do a Video Messenger call.

Well after a complete breakdown before the call I got online with Michelle. I felt very uncomfortable and close to tears and my heart was beating fiercely.

The first thing Michelle did was a full body scan to get me to settle down and feel comfortable. It worked, I had never done one before and the impact worked straight away, my breathing slowed, my heart didn’t feel like it was punching through my chest and I felt calm.
Michelle talked to me about journaling which would help me out. I had to do it every day. I was already writing a diary every day, so I added the components explained by Michelle to complete daily. I started that the same day.
Well I can tell you after just one session with Michelle I can now pick up the phone without thinking I’m going to explode, I have started doing video chats with people without feeling my heart will explode.
To my amazement, I can even dial a number to speak to a stranger. I do my breathing technique as taught by Michelle just prior to the call and I can make it through the call successfully without going into meltdown halfway through (normally I’d cry).
Did I ever believe Mind Harmony® would work for me?
No, but I thought it was worth a go.
Did I believe just one session could change my life?
Absolutely not.
Would I recommend Mind Harmony®?
Absolutely, it has changed my life.
It has made me aware of how to control my feelings when they decide to raise their ugly head to tell me I can’t.
It has taught me that breathing, body scanning, journaling, planning, and believing in yourself can get your mind in a different place.
A good place.
One conversation could change your life for the better.”

I went along to a Mind Harmony® class this week and I am so glad I did.

Having been trying lots of techniques to help with managing my mental health it was amazing to go to a class that brought these together and it actually all made a lot more sense. Not only that, it is based on science which is important to me if I’m going to invest in something. I came away with ideas and strategies, as well as personal ‘homework’, which so far I have been motivated to stick to. Definitely, something I will be recommending.
Ms T

I started Mind Harmony® at a very low point in my life – the group gave me a space once a week to be surrounded by support and positivity. 

The very first thing that I learnt was that it was okay to not be okay and to accept and feel what I was feeling. 
Group activities on mindfulness and self-awareness allowed me to slowly change my view on the world regarding what can and can’t be controlled in life. I learnt how important embracing the unknown is and that sitting in my comfort zone would never bring any positive change. 
However  – what I am most grateful to have learnt is that other people’s words, actions and behaviour are not a reflection of myself; but of their state of mind and view of the world. This slowly allowed me to detach my self worth from outside validation but to also recognise that sometimes people just need a little extra TLC. 
I can now confidently say that I appreciate the good and bad in life and can navigate more smoothly
Ms C C

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