I have known Michelle since 2008, when I became her Line Manager, and she was in my direct employ from 2008 to 2013, and then from 2014 -2016. Michelle was in a relatively junior role when we first met, but her talent for organisation and facilitation became immediately clear, and her career progressed significantly in the following years.

Over the years that Michelle worked for me, she gained in confidence and expertise in facilitating and coaching, managing both one-to-one and large group engagements well. Michelle’s bright, sensitive nature and her diligence in learning and applying the appropriate techniques and practices when coaching and facilitating made her an individual I could rely on to bring on more junior team members, support seniors and advise clients. Michelle induced inspiration, confidence and enthusiasm in practically everyone she encountered.

Michelle is a self-starting individual who’s constantly developing herself with me as her mentor, she has a wide network of other coaches and equine assisted coaches and she actively pursues her interests in equine behaviour, learning theory and human behaviour change for animals.

I am content to confirm Michelle is an outstanding coach. She is empathic, thoughtful, innovative, loyal and inspires anyone she encounters.
Amanda Coleman
Michelle is an extremely knowledgeable and empathic business coach. She has helped me every step of the way in setting up my Animal Behaviour business. I would strongly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Michelle.
Jessie Sams
I attended the workshop after the break down of a long term relationship. I was really unhappy. Michelle really helped me in my journey of healing. The workshop helped me to understand what I really wanted among the clutter of my mind. This clarity helps me to move forward to my next chapter in my life.
Michelle has helped my life in many ways but the best example to demonstrate that is the fact that my son can now invite his friends round without feeling embarrassed. I had got to such a low point in my life – my ‘twilight zone’ I now call it that housework was non-existent as all I could do was go to work & feed my children. I had to shop every day because I couldn’t make a decision as to what to buy for 2 days in a row. Michelle came into my life & quietly, gently & very gradually guided me back along the path till there was a chink of light. I’m now in the sunshine (& quite literally because I’m in Spain!) so I can now go out with my friends, play table tennis with my 13 year old son, smile & laugh with my older girls & even do the dreaded housework. A very BIG heartfelt thank you to Michelle (& Jan who got the ball rolling) I will forever be in your debt!
Tina Bright
What I really enjoyed about my Mind Harmony session, was that it generated a feeling of positivity. I left in a much better mindset than I’d arrived in – and I wasn’t even in a negative mood when I arrived! Because, in booking a class, I immediately felt better knowing I’d leave the daily grind behind – and who doesn’t want that? Michelle had done her research in bringing together a wide variety of accepted psychology tools, techniques, and theories. Her genius was in creating the flow of bite-size activities, that were easy to do but made me think – in a good way. It was comforting yet fun… and calming yet energising! I guess that’s why it’s called ‘Mind Harmony’!
Ms S
I went along to a Magnetic Mindset, mind harmony class, this week and I am so glad I did. Having been trying lots of techniques to help with managing my mental health it was amazing to go to a class that brought these together and it actually all made alot more sense. Not only that, it is based in science which is important to me if I’m going to invest in something. I came away with ideas and strategies, as well as personal ‘homework’, which so far I have been motivated to stick to. Definitely something I will be recommending.
Amy Thomson

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